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AI-Powered Cancer Diagnostics for Patients

When you have a biopsy performed, waiting for results can be stressful for both you and your loved ones. You wait…and wait… and wait, creating sleepless nights until you receive your results.

As cancer cases are becoming more complex in today’s world, predominantly through treatments, we have implemented AI-powered cancer diagnostic technology to help pathologists focus in on areas of interest or suspicious of cancer across multiple tissue types.

Our AI platforms aid in a quick and accurate diagnosis, getting your results back into your provider’s hands faster to make a tailored treatment plan for you if necessary.

Speeding up time results, eliminating sleepless nights, and ensuring the highest possible quality results any lab can deliver is what Alverno has always been about.


Ask your provider to use Alverno’s new AI-powered technology today!

Download the below PDF to have the important conversation with your provider.

AI-Powered Cancer Diagnostics for:

Now Live

Prostate Cancer: Galen™ Prostate

Improving the detection and grading of prostate cancer in prostate biopsies

Coming Soon

Breast Cancer: Galen™ Breast

Improving the detection and grading of breast cancer in breast biopsies

Coming Soon

Gastric Cancer: Galen™ Gastric

Improving the detection and grading of gastric cancer in stomach biopsies