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Precision Medicine

Oncology Testing – One Lab, Start to Finish

Alverno Laboratories is your one stop shop for all of your surgical and Molecular pathology testing needs. By choosing Alverno Labs to begin your routine testing, such as flow cytometry and Fish, you gain access to our advanced diagnostics without sending the sample elsewhere should the need arise. Our advanced testing process all begins with our digital pathology program, reducing turnaround times for slide review.  In Q1 2023, pathologists will be assisted by artificial intelligence (AI), first in identifying prostate cancer, later followed by breast and gastric cancers.

We have carefully curated a full in-house precision medicine testing menu and formed an innovative partnership with Genomic Testing Cooperative (GTC) to bring the latest testing to our patients and providers. When choosing Alverno Labs, you gain access to our knowledgeable staff who are eager to answer any questions you might have. Our program also features pre-authorization services to make approvals fast and easy.

Contact our Sales Support Director or call us at 800-937-5521.

For established clients, please contact your local pathologist (at the central lab, Ascencion Ilinois or Franciscan Health) to order precision medicine testing on patient specimens.


Alverno Laboratories’ partnership with Genomics Testing Cooperative (GTC)

Alverno Laboratories’ partnership with Genomics Testing Cooperative (GTC) provides oncology patients with more complex cases access to GTC’s advanced offerings. We are pleased to offer multiple tests including GTC- Solid Tumor Profile Plus and Hematology Profile Plus. Our partnership also brings forth access to the giant leap in liquid biopsy technology, Liquid Trace™.

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