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Alverno Laboratories will share information regarding COVID-19 testing here.  Please check back frequently if you have questions on how to order testing, information about our in-house testing and other information that may become available.

Fact Sheets for Testing

Testing, Collecting, and Ordering

Variant Testing – as of December 2021
Providers, please be advised that any request for variant testing must be requested through the State of Illinois or the State of Indiana.

You will not receive feedback from either state on the outcome nor will you be informed if your patient sample was accepted for variant testing. Each state will reach out to Alverno to acquire the sample and we will not be informed of the variant testing outcome. This is an epidemiologic/surveillance activity only.

If you decide to proceed with variant testing, we ask that you contact Alverno at 800-937-5521 to request to have the patient specimen be sequestered at -70 degrees Celsius.

Please use the phone numbers, links and/or forms listed below for making your request to the appropriate department of health.

Information for Indiana:

Indiana State Department of Health, Indianapolis, Indiana
317-921-5500, Ask for the Virology Department

June 2021 Letter from the Indiana Department of Health

To initiate specimen submission, please fill out the IDOH COVID-19 Variant Testing Authorizations provider survey.

Information for Illinois:

One requirement for Illinois is to complete the Communicable Disease Form. Please contact IDPH for exact instructions.

Illinois Department of Public Health Lab, Chicago Illinois
312-814-2793, Ask for the Virology Department

Illinois Department of Public Health, Springfield Illinois
217-782-4977, Ask for the Virology Department


Frequently Asked COVID-19 Testing Questions
Please click here for information on how to order COVID-19 testing to be performed in-house.

Click here for full details on the Alverno COVID-19 antibody testing.

Alverno has three tests for COVID-19:

• COVID-19 High Sensitivity by PCR (CO19H)

• COVID-19 by PCR, Risk Assessment (CO19S)

• COVID-19 Antibody, IgG (COVGA)

Both PCR tests are considered diagnostic for a COVID-19 infection. They will detect viral RNA particles in the patient sample.

• COVID-19 High Sensitivity by PCR is intended to diagnose patients with signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

• COVID-19 by PCR Risk Assessment is for pre-procedure screening to detect possible asymptomatic carriage. Antibody IgG testing is best used to test for prior exposure and is not recommended for patients in the acute phase of infection. Serology testing is not suitable for the diagnosis of active infection.

No. Both PCR tests are performed on one of our six Abbott analyzers. Alverno has three Abbott m2000 and three Abbott Alinity m Real-Time PCR instruments for the detection of viral COVID-19. These are highly sensitive assays with a limit of detection of 100 viral copies per milliliter. The only difference is the purpose for the order and for infection control monitoring at our hospital sites.

To date there is not enough data to determine if protective immunity is achieved in all patients after infection and if immunity wanes or disappears over time. IgG antibody typically develops around two weeks after symptom onset. Antibody testing may be useful in determining prior infection in individuals that were not tested by PCR during a COVID-19 like illness. Antibody testing is also recommended in tandem with our Risk Assessment PCR assay to screen patients prior to a surgical procedure.

Alverno Laboratories currently accepts two specimen types for viral COVID-19 PCR diagnosis.

• Nasopharyngeal Swabs collected in Viral Transport Media, Universal Transport Media or Sterile Phosphate buffered Saline.

• Nasal Swab collected with multi-Collect kit. Antibody IgG testing is performed on a serum sample collected in a gold top serum separator tube.

Nasopharyngeal specimens must be collected by trained medical staff. Collections can be done at a physician’s office or at several drive-through collection sites.

• Nasal Swab samples are also collected at physician offices or our drive-through locations. Alverno is working to have nasal swab collections available at our PSC locations for asymptomatic individuals. • Serum collections for our antibody assay can be performed at one of our PSC locations. Note: Patients with a suspected active infection are asked to present to a drive-through or hospital ER for specimen collection. Patient’s with signs and symptoms such as a fever should not go to a PSC location.

For all COVID-19 assays, turn-around-time is 24-48 hours once received at the Central Lab. Specimens for preprocedure screening should be collected 72 hours before date/time of procedure to ensure results are available the day before.

  • Proper timing of tests
    • For diagnosis, Nasal or Nasopharyngeal specimens should be collected while a patient is experiencing symptoms.
    • For antibody detection, serum should be collected at least two weeks after symptom onset.
      • Specimens collected too early in an infection can produce false negative results because the antibody response has not reached detectable levels.
  • Proper Collection and Transport o Reliable results are dependent on adequate specimen collection and transport. o Be sure to tightly cap all collection tubes. Leaking specimens cannot be processed.