Alverno Laboratories

Welcome to MyAlvernoDirect!

Alverno Laboratories is excited to offer our Illinois and Indiana patients the opportunity to order testing from the comfort of your home or on the go from your phone.  We have curated an extensive menu of panels designed to target your health care needs.  Our partnership with Wheel Provider Group offers clinical oversight.

When ordering testing, please note that it is very important that you provide a valid phone number so clinicians can call you if your lab results warrant clinician contact.

In any event, we urge you to seek advice from your physician to review any test results for appropriate interpretations, diagnosis or treatments.

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How It Works

With direct access testing, you can order your own tests without a provider’s order, and get results sent directly to the Alverno Laboratories patient portal.

Step 1

Choose the tests and add them to your cart

Step 2

Purchase your tests with a credit card

Step 3

Bring your confirmation email to one of our patient service centers to start the testing process

Step 4

View results online from the Alverno Laboratories patient portal