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AI-Powered Cancer Diagnostics

Expanding on the capabilities of our early adoption of our fleet of digital pathology scanners, Alverno is leading the way as the first laboratory in the Midwest, and one of the first ten labs in the country, to offer the Ibex Galen™ Platform trusted suite of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Our implementation includes AI-powered solutions for cancer diagnosis across multiple tissue biopsy types, including prostate, breast, and gastric, and will support our pathologists in providing the utmost quality of care for our patients.


Improved Processes

AI-powered algorithms for:

  • Cancer detection and grading
  • Distinguishing between cancer subtypes
  • Identify multiple morphologic features

Trusted digital assistant:

  • Algorithms trained by expert pathologists
  • Clinical excellence across multiple studies
  • Improved user experience
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Alverno IBEX IA_3b Prostate

Now in Roll-Out

Galen™ Prostate

Improving the detection and grading of prostate cancer in prostate biopsies

AI-powered tools for:

  • Cancer detection
  • Gleason grading
  • Perineural invasion identification
  • Tumor measurement

The implementation of the platform yields a 32% reduction in major discrepancy rate.1,2,3

Clinical validation study demonstrated high accuracy4:

Test Performance
Cancer Detection AUC = 0.991
G7+ AUC = 0.941
G5 AUC = 0.971
PNI AUC = 0.957

Coming Soon

Galen™ Breast

Improving the detection and grading of breast cancer in breast biopsies

Ads_AlvernoLabs_040224_9609 BREAST

AI-powered tools for:

  • Invasive cancer detection
  • In-situ cancer detection
  • Cancer subtype detection
  • Identification of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, lymphovascular invasion, microcalcifications, etc.

Implementation of the platform yields a 29% reduction in major discrepancy rate.5

Clinical validation study demonstrated high accuracy6:

Detection AUC Specificity Sensitivity
Invasive Breast Cancer 0.990 93.6% 95.5%
DCIS 0.980 93.8% 93.2%
IDC vs ILC 0.973 92.7% 92.9%
IG/HG DCIS vs ADH/LG DCIS 0.921 84.8% 84.1%

Coming Soon

Galen™ Gastric

AI-powered tools for:

  • Cancer detection
  • H. pylori and H. pylori related gastritis detection

The implementation of the platform yields a 25% reduction in major discrepancy rate.7 

Clinical validation study demonstrated high accuracy8:

Detection AUC Specificity Sensitivity
HG Dysplasia/Carcinoma/HG Lymphoma7 0.986 88.7% 96.3%
H. Pylori8 0.996 90.5% 91.1%
Ads_AlvernoLabs_040224_9630 GASTRIC
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