Financial Assistance

Patient Financial Assistance

Alverno Laboratories provides support for patients in financial need. Financial Assistance (FA) may be available to patients without health insurance. To begin the process of Financial Assistance, patients may contact the Billing Services department to have FA forms mailed to their home.

Patients are required to complete and provide supporting documentation of their tax return and pay stub. Incomplete documentation delays consideration. If eligibility is met, the percentage of FA is based on the annual family income, number of family members and the Federal Poverty guidelines.

Patients who have completed FA with Franciscan Alliance or Amita Health/Presence Health may submit a copy of the hospital’s FA letter that reflects the FA percentage to Alverno Laboratories’ Billing Services department, and the Alverno Laboratories FA adjustment will be applied. Financial assistance remains in effect for 6 months.

Patients with insurance may possibly qualify for financial assistance when there is a catastrophic documented circumstance identified. Examples of catastrophic items: documentation of loss of employment or of a major illness. Along with the defined requirements above, additional supporting documentation for the item is required from either: the employer, unemployment office, or physician.

Finance management will review the specifics. Alverno Laboratories is concerned for its patients and their financial needs and provides this financial assistance to patients on an as-needed basis. For patients who do not qualify for FA, payment plans are available.

For questions about financial assistance, call 877-937-2190.

Indiana regulations state that a patient may ask for an estimate of the amount he/she will be charged for a non-emergency health care service provided in our facility.  The law requires an estimate be provided within 5 business days.

Federal regulations state an uninsured or self-pay patient may ask for the amount he/she will be charged for a non-emergency health care service provided in our facility.  The law for this federal regulation requires an estimate to be provided within three business days.

For a Good Faith Estimate, please contact the Alverno billing department at (877) 937-2190.   Click here for more information.