Alverno Laboratories’ Journey Continues

In our last blog, we discussed our emphasis on creating a patient experience that incorporated trust and confidence. Today, we’re thrilled to share with our readers the rebranding of Alverno Laboratories, and what that means for you today and tomorrow.

With the emphasis on patient care, diversity, faith and achieving excellence, Alverno Laboratories rolls out a new brand and shares what it means for patients and providers.

The Alverno journey began in 1999 with Alverno Clinical Laboratories, Inc. The company mission was to “Bring Christ’s ministry to those we serve through timely high-quality laboratory services.” In 2005, the Sisters of St. Francis Health Services and Provena Health created a joint venture for the laboratories and changed the name to Alverno Clinical Laboratories, LLC.

“The brand and logo continued to tell the story of our primary function as clinical laboratories, represented by the word clinical and the microscope on our logo,” says Sam Terese, CEO and President.

The journey led to a name change in 2012. “PCL stands for Professional Clinical Laboratories,” Terese explains. “The name PCL Alverno emphasized our dedication to professional clinical practices that delivered precise results in a timely fashion to hospitals and clinics all across the region.”

The next leg of the journey took place in 2017, with strategic planning sessions to incorporate the rapid changing technologies of genetic, molecular biology and point of care testing. “We experienced an increase in our volume and technology in histology and pathology, along with our increased automation throughout our system,” Terese says.

Alverno has always understood that continued growth and success has been driven by innovation. It positively impacts care for patients and generates international recognition. “We understood the time had come to update our mission statement, vision statement and create a new image of our laboratory,” Terese says.

Today, Alverno Laboratories connects with our heritage and our communities,” Terese says. “As we continue to strive to improve quality and service, we also strive to connect with the patients and providers we serve.”

The journey of Alverno Laboratories has always led with innovation. “Our role of reducing microbiology turnaround time helps to save lives,” Terese says. “We will continue that innovative path and discover additional ways to improve outcomes for our communities.”

Mission statement

We, Alverno Laboratories, in the spirit of Christ’s healing ministry, continually improve the delivery of quality diagnostic data and laboratory service to our partners and caregivers.

Our commitment advances the health, wellness and continuity of care in the communities we serve.

Vision statement

Alverno Laboratories leads and grows through innovative partnerships, cutting edge technology, informatics and creative people.

Alverno Laboratories has one ISO 15189 certified central lab in Hammond, Indiana, and 140 locations throughout Indiana and Illinois. Over 2100 dedicated employees help to make the patient experience the best it can be. Alverno laboratories uses the most up-to-date technology to help identify disease causing agents as quickly as possible. Over 32 hospitals in Indiana, Illinois, including Chicago and its suburbs, trust Alverno Laboratories to deliver accurate test results in a timely manner.