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General Laboratories

Allergy Testing Panels

Alverno uses ImmunoCAP Specific IgE is an in vitro quantitative assay which measures the concentration of circulating allergen specific IgE in human serum or plasma samples.  ImmunoCAP Specific IgE assay is to be used with the Phadia 1000 Instrument in clinical laboratories.  It is intended for in vitro diagnostic use as an aid in the clinical diagnosis of IgE mediated allergic disorders in conjunction with other clinical findings.

Testing includes:

  • Respiratory Panels
    • Weed Allergy
    • Tree Allergy
  • Midwest Panels
    • Grass Al lergy
    • Insect Venom
    • Dust Allergy
  • Food Allergy Panels
    • Seafood Group
    • Cereal Group
    • Nut
    • Egg Allergy
    • Milk Allergy
  • Childhood Allergy Profile Panel
  • Animal Allergy Panel
  • Mold Allergy Panel


Chemistry testing is performed 24/7 on fully automated instruments from receiving, testing, all the way to archiving.

Testing includes:

  • Photometric Assays
    • Routine Chemistry testing, Serum & Urine
    • Lipid screening
    • Therapeutic Drug testing
    • Specific Protein testing
    • Drugs of Abuse Screening
  • Enzyme Immunoassay
    • Thyroid testing
    • Hormonal testing
    • Cardiac testing
    • Tumor Marker testing


Four different fully automated methodologies are employed to run coagulations.

  1. Coagulometric clot detection is used in the instrument to measure the amount of time required for a plasma specimen to clot.
  2. Chromogenic tests can be direct or indirect. Direct tests are where the analyte of interest acts directly on a specified synthetic substrate.
  3. Immunological tests directly measure the amount of a specific analyte.
  4. The PFA-100® is an instrument and test cartridge system in which the process of platelet adhesion and aggregation following a vascular injury is simulated in vitro. The PFA-100® can be used as an aid in the detection of platelet dysfunction in citrated human whole blood.

Testing includes:

  • Routine Coagulation
  • Special Coagulation
  • Lupus Panel
  • Platelet Function Analyzer


Both fully automated, and manual methods are leveraged to test whole blood, and Body Fluid to help diagnose anemia, infection, hemophilia, blood-clotting disorders, leukemia, and acute or chronic inflammation.

Testing includes:

  • Complete Blood Count with differential
    • Slide scan/manual diff/pathologist review will be done per protocol with the standard CBC3
  • Body Fluid Manual/Automated Cell Count
  • Body Fluid Crystal Identification
  • Body Fluid Differentials
  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate


Automated methods like ELISA system, Manual Non-Fluorescent, and Fluorescent are utilized in the Serology department.

Testing includes:

  • Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide (CCP)
  • Cryptococcal Antigen Latex Agglutination
  • Treponemal Pallidum Particle Agglutination (TP-PA)
  • Tuberculosis blood test
  • Legionella (Group 1-6) Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Test
  • Herpes 1 & 2 IgM by ELISA
  • Lyme (Borrelia VlsE1/PepC10) ELISA IgG/IgMLyme
  • Mycoplasma IgG or IgM ELISA II
  • Varicella-Zoster Virus IgM ELISA II
  • Gliadin IgA or IgG Deamidated Peptide
  • Pylori IgG by EIA
  • Histone Antibody IgG by INOVA QUANTA Lite ELISA
  • Tissue Transglutaminase IgA or IgG
  • ANA assay
  • Anti-Mitochondrial Anti-Smooth Muscle and Anti-Parietal Antibodies
  • Endomysial Antibody (IgA)

Infectious Disease

Alverno uses fully integrated and automated molecular diagnostics analyzer which utilizes real-time PCR technology in clinical laboratories. It is an integrated system for performing sample preparation and performing fluorescence-based real-time PCR to provide quantitative and qualitative detection of nucleic acid sequences. It provides sample-to-result uninterrupted processing workflow.

Testing includes:

  • Hepatitis
  • HIV screening
  • HIV confirmation
  • Viral Load for HCV, HBV, HIV, and CMV
  • HSV
  • COVID-19
  • Flu A&B
  • RSV
  • Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
  • Chlamydia trachomatis (CT)
  • Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG)
  • Trichomonas vaginalis (TV)


Fully automated analyzers are utilized for chemistry and microscopy urinalysis tests. Manual microscopy is used to evaluate urinalysis specimens that require manual review.

Blood Bank

ABO Blood (Forward) Grouping & Serum (Reverse) Grouping and Rh (D only) are tested via both automated and tube method.

  • ABO/RH and antibody screen

Manual Kit testing & Miscellanies testing 

Alverno uses automated analyzers and different manual methods to run the following tests to help with screening or diagnosing for Diabetes, Infectious mononucleosis, Pneumonia, Colorectal cancer, Hyponatremia, Toxin ingestion from alcohols, Glycols, Neurosyphilis and Pregnancy.

Testing includes:

  • Sickle Cell Qualitative Screening
  • Sure-Vue Signature Mono Test
  • The hCG Combo Rapid Test
  • Spinal Fluid VDRL
  • Cold agglutinins
  • Cryoglobulins
  • Occult Blood- Gastric
  • Occult Blood- IFOBT
  • Hemoccult SENSA
  • Osmolality
  • HA1C testing