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Our Services

Anatomic Pathology

Leveraging the Philips Digital Pathology System, our lab offers complete histology solutions including tissue sample processing, embedding, and slide preparation with both conventional and advanced staining methods, ensuring rapid and accurate diagnostic support.

General Laboratory

Our full-spectrum laboratory services at Alverno include cutting-edge allergy testing, continuous chemistry analysis, specialized coagulation profiling, detailed hematology examinations, diverse serological testing, rapid infectious disease diagnostics, precise urinalysis, and essential blood bank operations.


Our microbiology services at Alverno leverage state-of-the-art Copan WASP automation for specimen processing and Bruker Maldi-TOF for quick pathogen identification, ensuring precise and swift infectious disease diagnostics.


Leveraging next-generation sequencing and real-time PCR, Alverno Laboratories provides detailed molecular analyses for solid tumors, myeloid disorders, and infectious diseases, enhancing precision medicine through advanced genetic profiling and rapid pathogen detection.


Utilizing state-of-the-art mass spectrometry, Alverno Laboratories provides comprehensive toxicology testing, including an extensive 84-analyte urine drug confirmation panel and monitoring of immunosuppressants and vitamin levels, essential for patient care in transplantation and nutritional management.