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Process, criteria set for limited testing

March 31, 2020

Journal Review Testing for COVID-19 is available in Montgomery County for a select group of individuals meeting certain criteria. Limited testing will be provided primarily for healthcare workers and first responders with symptoms of fever and cough, but will also include persons with a fever and cough who have serious chronic underlying conditions putting them … Read more

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Making The Customer Experience A High Priority

August 23, 2019

The Alverno Laboratories’ Customer Experience committee’s journey is fully engaged, to actively listen to their customers and employees. It was three years ago that Sam Terese, CEO and President of Alverno Laboratories, brought the concept of customer engagement to the table for the diagnostic laboratory setting. “Sam has a vision for the company,” explained Susan … Read more

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Local man helps improve labs

June 28, 2019

BOURBONNAIS — Bourbonnais resident Brian Wellborn is part of an effort that is making pathology labs more efficient. The results will be speedier identification of diseases and the saving of money, he said. Wellborn, a former Cissna Park resident, works at Alverno Laboratories, which is 45 miles away in Hammond, Ind. He is the pathology … Read more

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